Jan Fejkiel Gallery | Kraków

foto by Jacek Taran

5. wystawa grafiki członków Stowarzyszenia Międzynarodowe Triennale Grafiki w Krakowie
Międzynarodowe Centrum Sztuk Graficznych - Galeria Centrum
Rynek Główny 29, 2 piętro, 31-010 Kraków
11.01.2017 – 03.02.2017
5. wystawa grafiki członków Stowarzyszenia Międzynarodowe Triennale Grafiki w Krakowie


GRAFIKA | Solo show | NCK | Czarna Galeria | Kraków

foto: Mateusz Skwarczek



Summer Exhibition

Graphic Studio Members & Visiting Artists  

Dublin 2016








Galeria Sztuki MOK 

Debica, Poland
Yoko Akino, Siobhan Hyde, Maev Lenaghan, Susan Mannion, Margo McNulty, Merijean Morrissey, Geraldine O'Reilly, Joe Ryan, Aaron Smyth, Margaret Tuffy, Vaida Varnagiene, Marta Wakuła-Mac


The Little Autumn Collection
New Works by Yoko Akino & Marta Wakula-Mac
The Printmakers Gallery 25 Drury Street | Dublin
October 6th 2015

photos by Ania Rendecka


A Natural Selection: 100 Aspects of the National Botanic Gardens Dublin, June 11 – July 4

Exhibition opening for Elke Thonnes, Margaret Tuffy and Marta Wakula-Mac

Graphic Studio Gallery, Thursday 12th June 2014

"Marta’s range is astonishing. In the past she has given us the Days of Creation from Genesis in a series of large and powerful prints, illustrations to my apocalyptic novel, Gomorrah, that heighten and intensify the text, and on the other hand delicate studies of flowers bursting into bloom, eerily beautiful land and seascapes, women in vivid red or blue dresses dancing off merrily, singly or arm in arm.  And now she is offering us an abundance of female and male nudes, torsos, standing, sitting, reclining, and all as celebratory and life-affirming as ever, in this her most recent series of etchings, aquatints and drypoint prints.She has proved in the past her mastery of fine detail but here Marta has chosen to simplify, to recreate the body with a few telling lines and marks as well as her her signature use of colour, a yellow ochre here, an earthy red there. The results in these tiny pieces are as exquisite as ever. Not prettifying the human form but rejoicing in all its manifestations." Susan Knight | April 2014

photos by Anna Rendecka and Graphic Studio Gallery

A Natural Selection | Galleri Astley, Uttersberg  Sweden | April 27 - May 25 2014

‘A Natural Selection’ | Group Exhibition by the Artists of Graphic Studio Dublin

National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin
15th November – 5th December 2013

'Sponsors' Portfolio Exhibition - 50 years, 1962 - 2012 
Thursday 9th February
Graphic Studio Dublin

Printmakres Gallery, Beautiful Man Exhibition of prints based on poety by Kathy Enders

Miejska Galeria Sztuki, Dębica, Poland

Leinster Gallery
25th June - 30th July 2011

Linocut workshop in Graphic Studio Dublin
with Louise Leonard and Marta Wakula-Mac

Ink-Stained Hands - Graphic Studio Dublin and the Origins of Fine-Art Printmaking in Ireland 

Galeria Lamelli, ul. Mikołajska, Kraków
Friday, 3 September 2010
'Where Borders Meet - The Response'

Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

Wystawa poplenerowa - 'Na granicy' Where Borders Meet - The Response
Dwory Karwacjanów i Gładyszów w Gorlicach
05 - 31 March 2010

Graphic Studio Gallery, Temple Bar, Dublin
04 - 27 February 2010

Wystawa poplenerowa - 'Na granicy'Where Borders Meet - The Response This innovative exhibition is the final stage of a three year project, which began with an initial exhibition Where Borders Meet held at the polish Museum "Dwory Karwacjanow i Gladyszów" and a subsequent residency in Gorlice, Poland in 2008 by the above fifteen artists from Graphic Studio Dublin. MOK Gallery, Debica, Poland exhibited this show in September 2009 as the second part of this international project.

The artists are: Debora Ando, Meadhbh Arthurs, Eilbhe Brennan, Gerard Cox, Caroline Donohue, Niamh Flanagan, Clare Henderson, Brian Lalor, Maev Lenaghan, Margo McNulty, Philip Murphy, Vincent Sheridan, Jenny Spain, Katherine Van Uytrecht and Marta Wakula-Mac.

The artists spent an intensive two- week residency researching ideas and exploring the region of Gorlice. This collection of visual narratives stem from the artists' experience of Gorlice's complex social and political history, its architecture, people and unspoilt landscape. Although the works express both the loss of young men during World War I and the eradication of the Jewish population of Gorlice during World War II, they also celebrate the vibrant present and the will of the Polish people to move towards a positive future.
Galeria Sztuki MOK Dębica, ul. Akademicka 30
04 - 18 September 2009
Wystawa poplenerowa - 'Na granicy' Where Borders Meet - The Response
Debora Ando, Meadhbh Arthurs, Eilbhe Brennan, Gerard Cox, Caroline Donohue, Niamh Flanagan, Clare Henderson, Brian Lalor, Maev Lenaghan, Margo McNulty, Philip Murphy, Vincent Sheridan, Jenny Spain, Katherine Van Uytrecht, Marta Wakula-Mac

Graphic Studio Gallery, Temple Bar, Dublin
07 - 30. May 2009

Jedrysiak's work centers on a metaphor 'Silva rerun' meaning The Forest of Things, which dates back to the Roman Empire.
It refers to a text made up of various quotations, thoughts, reflections and recollections, which collectively create a view of the world; all that is significant and all that is trivial, matters of great importance as well as private, individual and personal experiences. Jedrysiak's poetic prints portray his world and all that is important, where reality becomes a metaphor and fantasy becomes reality.

Marta Wakula-Mac's inspiration for her linocuts is the creation of the world and celebration of life. Based on the book of Genesis Wakula-Mac's prints are both rich in texture and full of symbolic detail. Her series of linocuts depict spirited dancers who celebrate life and its dynamic energy. She combines thick heavy black lines with splashes of vivid reds to symbolize elation, movement and vitality.

Muzeum Dwory Karwacjanow i Gladyszow, Gorlice, Poland
01- 14 September 2008
At the end of 2007 Marta Wakula-Mac, a member of Graphic Studio Dublin and Zdislaw Tohl, the director of Muzeum "Dwory Karwacjanow i Gladyszow" in Gorlice Poland, initiated a project between the museum in Gorlice and 15 members of Graphic Studio Dublin. Polish artist Wakula-Mac then proceeded to liase between the museum and Graphic Studio Dublin, and together webegan to coordinate this exciting project. Where Borders Meet, was developed by Tohl and Wakula-Mac, into a two week residency in the museum in Gorlice. Gorlice is an old industrial town on the Gorale region of Poland, and on the border of the Ukraine, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. As a unique cultural area in Poland this town provides a fantastic area to research ideas and develop areas of study for the 15 artsists involved. The residency will establish dialogue between Graphic Studio Dublin and the museum "Dwory Karwacjanow i Gladyszow, and also between Irish and Polish artists. The residency comprises three exhibitions. The first, an exhibition of existing work of the 15 participants is to to take place upon arrival in Gorlice in September 2008. The second exhibition, in early Summer 2009, is of work made in response to the two week residency and will also be held in Muzeum "Dwory Karwacjanow i Gladyszow". The third exhibition, a selection of work from the 2009 exhibition, will take place in Graphic Studio Gallery in Dublin in February 2010. more>>
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Wormwood, etching, 50x65cm